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Instant photography walking tours

Polaroid pictures
Instant cameras
Our cameras are instant fun! 

Here’s a few reasons why we love instant photo cameras:

Fast, direct, no printer or hard-drive needed 

only tangible, touchable, right here and right now in your own hands. No waiting around during film processing at your local photo shop. When you press the button, your photos come out instantly and lines and colours gradually appear after a few minutes.

Customisable white border

The distinct  white border is ideal to personalise your photo, either with the use of a simple pen or stickers and the end result is simply brilliant.

Simple and funky !

Most of all, taking an instant photo is great fun! Instant cameras are simple to use, light and compact to carry, which means they’re accessible to everyone. It captures the unicity of a moment, which gives the photograph all its charm and value.

Original Souvenirs

Wherever you go, you can always find souvenirs – but are they genuine? We give you the opportunity to take memorable, original souvenirs home, made by you. Paris is a special place, so make it yours!


Capture lifetime memories of Paris

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