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Click on each image to discover what our special guests & influencers had to say about our Paris Photo Walks
Snap Polaroids of Paris
Maps and Merlot - Snap Polaroids of Paris

One of my favorite unique things to do in Paris was to take a Polaroid tour of the city with Paris Polaroid Tours. I did the Classic Tour and saw the city’s most beautiful monuments while learning about Parisian history...

Capture unique souvenirs of Paris
She Who Wanders - Create Your Own Souvenirs 

It should really not be any surprise to any of you when I say I love taking photos. I mean heck, You’ve seen my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin..the list goes on...

Children welcome on Paris Photo Walks
Tooting Mama - Street Art Walking Tour

The Polaroid instant cameras allows people to capture the moment, create their own souvenirs and create instant memories...

The best tours in Paris
Seven Day Weekender - Paris from behind a Polaroid lens

What if while in Paris I told you, you couldn’t use your phone (aka social media) for two hours? What would you do? it’s going to be ooookay!After all, how are you supposed to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the city you’re in with your face glued to the screen of a tiny device?..

Paris' Best Walking Tours
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